brett weller_hit me america postcard

I had the absolute honor to share the stage last week with some of Louisiana’s best songwriters and musicians at Republic New Orleans. Ok. I know that’s what it says in the promotional card above, but I can tell you that this tag was spot-on. These artists handled themselves with a high level of professionalism, were incredible people to meet, and were also very gracious to what I brought to the mix.

Kudos and Cheers to Steven Scaffidi, Brad Bohannan, and Mike Shepherd for putting an event like this one together. I’d say the interaction between the artists and the audience was a rewarding experience during every song. There was a unique moment when everyone (artists and audience) were given a few minutes time to write a song together. The interaction between these established writers and attendees reminded me of the light-hearted atmosphere I experienced only previously attending the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

Word on the street is that there will more events like this one coming down the hatch so go follow Hit Me America on Facebook to keep up with all of the details for upcoming events along with all of the videos being posted from the July 23rd show. Cheers!

Below is a video of me performing “After This is Over Would You Stay?” at the Hit Me America event. (Was I closing or opening my eyes in the cover still? We may never know.)