The origins of Abandon Productions can be traced back to an event held in early 2002 called Impact: Faith Over Fear.  The picture above comes from one of our largest events with over 5,000 people in attendance.  Here in 2012 we celebrate a decade of ministry.  Let’s take a look at some of the musicians, speakers, etc. we have been blessed to partner and work with over the last decade:

Toby Mac (www.tobymac.com)
Chris Tomlin (www.christomlin.com)
Switchfoot (www.switchfoot.com)
Louie Giglio (www.268generation.com)
Shane & Shane (www.shaneandshane.com)
Newsboys (www.newsboys.com)
David Nasser (www.davidnasser.com)
Skillet (www.skillet.com)
Seventh Day Slumber (www.seventhdayslumber.com)
Decemberadio (www.decemberadio.com)
David Platt (www.radical.net)
Aaron Gillespie of The Almost/Underoath (www.aarongillespie.com)
Brooke Fraser (www.brookefraser.com)
Daniel Bashta (www.danielbashta.com)
After Edmund (www.afteredmund.com)
Real Encounter Action Sports (www.realencounter.org)
Mikeschair (www.mikeschair.com)
Bethany Dillon (www.bethanydillon.com)
Building 429 (www.building429.com)
Parachute Band (www.parachutemusic.com)
Jeff Deyo of Sonicflood (www.jeffdeyo.bombplates.com)
Michael English (www.michaelenglishmusic.com)
The Wrecking (www.thewrecking.net)
King of Kings Skate Ministry (www.kksm.org)
Wavorly (www.wavorly.com)
Tommy “Urban D” Kyllonen (www.facebook.com/urband813)
Rapture Ruckus (www.raptureruckus.com)
Corey Hicks (www.coreyhicks.com)
& Many More!!!

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